Unlabeled | 1st edition Deluxe CD Bundle
Thank you to everyone who supports me, and the message of living life Unlabeled!
  • Exclusive 1st Edition CD: Only 500 copies
  •  Signed by Me: Every album, personally
  •  Handwritten Unlabeled Lyrics
  •  Exclusive Download Bundle: Never-before-seen 
  •  Live-Stream Concert: full band, full HD download
  •   Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention: A portion of all profits donated

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Track Listing:
Unlabeled (Studio Version)
Unlabeled (Acoustic Live)
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Beautiful and empowering. You brought me to tears and lifted my spirits in the same moment. "
-Heather B.
Gold Award - Best Music Video
"I wrote this for You. I wrote this for all of US."
I had a my body or continue resenting it...
" Such a powerful moving video and wonderful song!! This is what the world needs to do, not judge not label Love people for exactly who they are no matter what their size shape or color is!! Thank you for this song and video💕"
-Cecilia N.
" This is everything! I’m in tears, this deeply touched every part of my essence. I’ve been labeled my whole life, as most of us have. We need to build each other up not tear each other down.

Thank you so so much for speaking for all of us. This song is so much more than just a song. This is an anthem, this is the inner voice of all of us, this is for those who have lost their voice, this is everything! 🙏🏼💓"
-April W.
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